COVID-19 and The Future of Work

If the Coronavirus pandemic has achieved anything, it is to show Canadians that working from home is possible and that it works. The 2 months+ pandemic made it possible to accurately measure the effectiveness of remote working on a large scale both in terms of savings and employee productivity.

Canadians experienced, in part due the “Flattening the Curve” strategy, the beauty of working from home. A “ big step for humanity” was taken when, many of us who had never experienced remote working before and had to deal with inflexible employers discovered that there was such a thing. This has forever changed the way work is done in the western world and it’s a good thing.

As things seems to be winding down, and as observed in a survey conducted by Citrix, more than three-quarters of Canadian IT leaders believe most workers will be reluctant to return to the office as it was.

More than 56% of Canadians said they would like to work remotely full time or several times a week post-COVID.

And they are not the only ones. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says company will embrace permanent remote work after lockdowns and would “aggressively open up remote hiring”, expecting that about half its workforce would work remotely over the next five to 10 years

Employees are not willing to return to the office as they knew it. They tasted remote work and realised the work could still be done.

So, what happens now?

Expect eCommerce and IT businesses to grow. and if you’re a business owner, consider remote IT Managed Services . Sure, as things get better, employees will and already are being asked to come back with caution and new measures such as ways to track employees “ distancing-compliance “ will be taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 but what we observed during this pandemic is that the Digital era is here, we’re not going back and digital transformation for smbes is no longer a “nice to have” but an imperative.

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